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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the camp only for experienced players?

A. No, all skill levels are welcomed. Our goal is to hopefully spread our enjoyment of the game to others.  


Q. If a player was held back in school, can he/she play with his/her grade level instead of the age level?

A. The player should play in their current grade.

Q. Can a player play up to an older division?

A. Yes. Players can play up to an older division but cannot play down to a younger division.

Q. Can girls play on the boy's team?
A. Yes


Q. Our league does not provide dark and a light-colored uniforms. Is it mandatory that uniforms be returned at the end of the season? There will be a $25 uniform hold fee during our Winter league.

Q. I have a player whose favorite number is 76. Can we use that number for his jersey?

A. No. Only numbers 0,1,2,3,4,& 5 can be used on the jerseys.

Q. I have a business that has volunteered to pay for our uniforms. Can we put a sponsor's name on the jerseys?

A. Yes. Sponsors' names are allowed on the uniforms.

Q.  Do coaches have to do a background check every year?
A.  Yes. 

Q.  What type of criminal history disqualifies a coach?
A.  Any type of felony automatically disqualifies a coach or volunteer.  Misdemeanors are considered based on the type of crime.  Most misdemeanors do not disqualify the coach.

Q. Can a player still play if he/she has a hard cast on his/her arm?
A. This must be approved by the head referee assigned to the tournament.

Q. What should I do if we arrive at a gym and it is locked or there is another group in the gym?

A. Wait for the site manager.