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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the camp/league only for experienced players?

A. No, all skill levels are welcomed. Our goal is to spread our enjoyment of the game to others, hopefully.  


Q. If a player was held back in school, can he/she play with his/her grade level instead of the age level?

A. The player should play in their current grade.

Q. Can a player play up to an older division?

A. Yes. Players can play up to an older division but not a younger one. 

Q. Can girls play on the boy's team?
A. Yes


Q. Our league does not provide dark and a light-colored uniforms. Is it mandatory that uniforms be returned at the end of the season? There will be a $25 uniform hold fee during our Winter league.

Q. I have a player whose favorite number is 76. Can we use that number for his jersey?

A. No. Only numbers 0,1,2,3,4,& 5 can be used on the jerseys.

Q. I have a business that has volunteered to pay for our uniforms. Can we put a sponsor's name on the jerseys?

A. Yes. Sponsors' names are allowed on team t-shirts. 

Q.  Do coaches have to do a background check every year?
A.  Yes. 

Q.  What type of criminal history disqualifies a coach?
A.  Any felony automatically disqualifies a coach or volunteer.  Misdemeanors are considered based on the type of crime.  Most misdemeanors do not disqualify the coach.

Q. Can a player still play if he/she has a hard cast on his/her arm?
A. This must be approved by the head referee assigned to the tournament.

Q. What should I do if we arrive at a gym and it is locked or there is another group in the gym?

A. Wait for the site manager.